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Articles from October 2016

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Student Artwork Featured in Digital Fringe

The October edition of Digital Fringe, an online gallery of student art in the Dubuque Community School District, is now live!

View the Elementary School Gallery

View the Middle and High School Gallery

This gallery is a way to highlight the remarkable products of art education in the district. It’s a digital attempt at bringing the work of our student artists at all levels into your home – because art is created for others to take in.

October 13 newsletter

October 13, 2016

Greetings Sageville families & staff,

Even though it is a short week next week, there is lots of information for you to look at in the newsletter.  Don’t forget to come to your child’s conference and visit our pirate-themed book fair!  Picture retakes are on Wednesday, October 19th.

Fundraiser forms are due tomorrow, remember there is no tax!

This week Mrs. Brimeyer met with the students in grades 3-5 and gave book talks on the 20 books that are on this year’s Iowa Children’s Choice Award reading list. Mr. Dyer taped the presentation, and it will soon be available to view on the Sageville School website under “Sageville Cinema.”

Over the summer Mrs. Brimeyer read all the books. This is the thirteenth year she has done this. She wants kids to get excited about reading good literature. Each student received a book mark with this year’s titles.

The Iowa Children’s Choice Awards is sponsored by Iowa Association of School Librarians. The purposes of the award are:

* to encourage kids to read more and read better books

* to give recognition to authors of children’s books

The award is unique in that Iowa students from all over the state in grades 3-6 choose the book that will receive the award. It is also these students who suggest the books for next year’s reading list. To be nominated, the book must be written by an American author and written in the last five years.

To be able to vote students must have read or have read to them at least two titles from the list. Voting will take place in March through the school library.

In May, the fifth grade students will participate in the district wide “Battle of the Books” using these books.  Please encourage your child to participate!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and keep tuned to the changing weather for your child’s outdoor needs!

For you children,

Miss Mac